Do you need to ship a car to Texas?

Paragon Auto Transport offers safe & reliable car shipping service to and from all cities in Texas; as well as providing nationwide car transport service to all 50 states. Call 877-858-4415 or fill out our online form here.

How to ship a car ?

How can I get a car transport quote or auto shipping price?

Getting a car transport quote is easy, just call 877-858-4415, or apply online here.

What are the types of car carriers I can choose from?

The most common form of auto transport is an open car transporter. Open car transporters are the most economical way to ship a car across country. For a classic or luxury car transport, Paragon Auto Transport offers its customers, enclosed car shipping, which is a safer way to keep your car protected from the weather and road conditions. We also offer specialized one car auto shipping.

What is door to door car shipping or terminal auto transport?

With terminal auto transport, you will have to drop your car off at a pre arrange location in the nearest major city, as well as pick your car up from a terminal in the nearest major city. Terminal shipping is a cheaper option to ship your car, but may take twice as long. Door to door auto transport is the quickest and safest way to ship your car. With door to door shipping the transport driver will get as close as he can to your location to load/unload your car.

How long will it take to transport my car?

Transport times will vary depending on your automobile shipment. The average time for a transport of 100-700 miles is 2-4 days, 700-1200 is 3-5 days, 1200-2000 is 5-7 days, and 2000-3000 is 7-12 days.

What is a BOL (bill of lading)?

A BOL is what the car transport industry and its auto shipping drivers call the inspection sheet it uses to mark the condition of each car being transported.

Will my car be insured during the car transport process?

Yes, each auto transport driver is required by law to carry cargo insurance.

Can I track my car while in transport?

Yes, some of our car carrier’s are equipped with GPS tracking, if the truck does not have GPS tracking, a Paragon Transport shipping agent will provide you with a real time status update.

Still have an auto transport question?

One of our auto shipping agents can help; call now to get the answers to all of your car shipping questions.877-858-4415